TITLE: “Do I Really Have to Do This, Scully?”
KEYWORDS: MulderTorture, Mulder/Scully friendship
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SUMMARY: Mulder gets sick and Scully drags him to the doctor.

Disclaimer: Ok, for the 100th time, they aren’t mine. They belong to Chris Carter and
Fox. There, you happy? :-)

Writer’s Notes: I don’t know why I really wrote this story. Could be that I was really
bored :-)........., but for the most part it was the begging of my friend Lauren (who liked
this story), so here it is.

Dedication: To my online pal, Lauren. She has been begging me to write a
MulderTorture story for some time, so this is for you Lauren! :-)

“Do I Really Have to Do This, Scully?”
By Jen

Fox Mulder grimaced as he tried to choke down a cup of coffee before he left for
work. He had been feeling bad ever since he woke up this morning. <I know I must be
sick if I slept for 10 hours straight> he thought as he remembered coming home from
work last night and collapsing on the couch. He had the worst sore throat last night
and thought it couldn’t get any worse. He was wrong.

Mulder put down his coffee. <I can’t drink this. I’m lucky I can swallow at all, let
alone swallow hot coffee.> He sighed and looked to see if he had anything for a sore
throat. He had plenty of outdated prescriptions that had never been taken, and he
found a two-year out prescription and sighed. <I’m resorting to medication> he thought
shaking his head, <Maybe I shouldn’t go into work at all. No! Scully will wonder where I
am and I don’t want to face “Dr. Scully” this morning.> Mulder tried to ignore the pain in
his throat and grabbed his coat.

When Mulder arrived at the office, he was glad to see that Scully hadn’t arrived
yet. He was also glad to see no notes telling him to report to Skinner’s office, which
meant no new case. He sat down at his desk and grabbed a report his needed to work
on. He opened to the first page and the writing looked a little blurry. <Not a good
sign> he thought, frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Scully asked as she walked into the office. “Hard case?”

<Whew.> Mulder let out a breath. “No. Just thinking about this report.”

“No new case then?”

Mulder shook his head, his throat hurting from that motion. “Nope.”

“Ok.” Scully got her computer out and started typing. Mulder reached for the
glass of water he had next to him. He picked it up and with a quick glance in Scully’s
direction, drank it. It didn’t hurt that badly. Mulder went back to his report. He got so
engrossed in it that two hours later he didn’t notice Scully had shut off her computer
and was looking at him.

“I’m going for some lunch. Want me to get and bring it back here?” she asked. “You seem occupied.”

Mulder looked up. “Sure.”

“Subway(R) okay?”

The thought of a sandwich made his throat hurt but Mulder agreed anyway.
Scully got her coat and left.
About a half an hour later, Mulder had finished his report and Scully had

“You wouldn’t believe the line at Subway,” she said as she took the food out.

“Guess everyone is having a slow day and wants a long lunch.”

“I sure do, at least once in awhile,” Mulder replied and grabbed his sandwich.

He picked it up, took a bite and swallowed. <I wish I hadn’t done that> Mulder thought
as he coughed and gri