About Me

Ok, so if you came here, you really would like to know a little about me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have hit the link, right?

Hmm, where to start.

Well, I'm female (duh), and I'm a student. In which grade? That's my secret told only to a select few :-). Ask and I will tell.

I live in good ole New Jersey. In the north part of it. So if I write about an area in Jersey, I try to be (for the most part) accurate in my geography.

I have no children (I'm still in school, as I said, if that gives you a hint to my age <g>), but I do have three little brothers who are just like practice children. I love kids (I love to babysit), and I love my brothers (well, sometimes <g>).

I also would love to be an author someday, so fanfic is my practice. I have plenty of my own original stories with my own original characters sketched out in my head (and if I'm lucky, I get them on paper!), including an idea I may make a novel out of. Interested in reading? Well, if you ever are, I'd be flattered. :-) Perhaps (in a longtime fantasy of mine) you will see my name in print.

Another longtime hobby of mine is singing. I've taken lessons (since I was eleven) and it is my favorite thing to do. I sing everywhere, and I sing loud. As loud as my high soprano voice will get. My brother tells me I can break windows with my voice. Coming from my brother, that's a compliment. :-)

Well, I think I've gone on enough here. Perhaps I will add more in the future. I'm a pretty chatable (is that a word?) person, so as long as you don't catch me in the middle of school work, I'd be glad to make a new friend. For aol and Instant messanger users, you can IM me at JenR13. For others, you could drop me a line at JenR13@aol.com.