Chapter 6

Month Six – babytime

If you worked in the FBI and didn’t know that Dana Scully was pregnant, then you
were living under a rock. A very big rock. I got so many congratulations that I was sick
of smiling and saying "thank you." I could not longer hide the fact I was pregnant; I was
now in the smaller maternity clothes, but definitely gaining weight. I heard the rumors
going around, that Fox Mulder had finally ‘planted the seed’ into Dana Scully, and for
once wasn’t upset about them. They were right, but I wasn’t about the spill the beans
unless someone directly asked. And I hadn’t met anyone brave enough yet.

Until I ran into Walter Skinner.

I don’t why I was near his office, perhaps it was something about paperwork and
such, but I nearly bumped into to him, coming very close to losing the stack of papers I
held in my hand.

"I’m sorry, Agent Scully," he said as I straightened the papers I had. I felt his
glance fall down toward my stomach. "I heard about your…addition. Congratulations."

"Thank you, sir," I said, smiling.

"Scully you don’t have to call me sir anymore, I’m not your boss," he replied with
a smile. "I suppose that you and the father are very happy."

I noticed how he said "the father" like he wanted to say more. "Yes, we are."

"Sharon and I were happy when were expecting our first, too."

I frowned. I had no idea the Skinner had any children. "You have children, sir?"

He shook his head. "The baby was stillborn. We never did get the courage to try

"I’m sorry."

"That’s okay, I’m sure that you and Mulder will have the best of luck-" He
stopped when he realized he had said "Mulder." He paused. "I didn’t mean that-, well,
what I meant was, aw, hell, is he?"

"You mean Mulder, sir?"

He nodded. "For the sake of the FBI."

"Yes, but for now it’s our secret. If anyone else wants to know, they ask

He smiled. "See how many will do that," he said as he walked away.

Three days later Mulder and I received a delivery. A high chair courtesy of a
Walter Skinner.

Mulder was stunned; I just smiled.

Go figure.

Our job had been mundane; background checks had never been very interesting to
begin with. I found Mulder’s Doom™ tournaments more interesting than the paperwork
that piled up on my desk. There was one good thing about background checks, though.
Mulder hadn’t had a work related injury in months, well, with the exception of the boating accident about nine months(or was it ten?) back, but you really couldn’t call that work related. It was more like one-of-Mulder’s-half-assed-jaunts related. Since this baby thing, I have noticed that he seems to be becoming a little more careful. Is Fox Mulder actually thinking first and using good judgment?

Nah. Has to be my imagination.

Today was Tuesday, a beautifully clear day in the beginning of July. Mulder and I
had stopped by my mother’s for Fourth of July last weekend, and Mulder had avoided my also visiting brother Bill at all costs. Surprisingly, there was no bloodshed. Bill and
Mulder both behaved, like civilized men, an occurrence I truly believed would never
happen. Never say never, I guess.

I’m surprised at how normal my life has become lately. Nothing strange has
happened, and I’m almost afraid to say that I miss that. I never pictured myself falling in
love with my partner, having a child, and having a……well, a normal life. Something tells me that this can’t be happening. I’m almost expecting someone to rain on my parade. I find myself looking over my shoulder, always trying to find the catch. After all that has happened to me, there has to be a catch. Right?

I just don’t know anymore. One day at a time, I take it. One day at a time. I
can’t go wrong with that.

6 months, three weeks – babytime

Well, another uneventful three weeks have passed. The baby is fine, I couldn’t be
better, and Mulder has used every curse in the book (plus he invented some of his own)
trying to put up a crib yesterday.

We’re living in my two bedroom apartment; he’s now given up the lease on his,
something that definitely signifies commitment. I still don’t have a ring on my finger,
marriage hasn’t even been discussed. However, it has been placed on the table. Neither of us is in a rush, though. We love each other, but marriage? I think this baby may be old enough to participate in the wedding if we continue at our rate.

But what is marriage, but a slip of paper and a joint tax return?

Union of two people in the face of God, Dana.

Oh, yeah, there’s that.

My mom already has a guest list. It’s only a matter of time before she starts
dropping stronger hints.

Oh well, I have bigger things to think about now. Like names. Names are a big
argument between Mulder and I. We both have lists and they do not meet – anywhere.

Both lists hang on the refrigerator, with various cross outs and new entries.

Mulder’s boy name of the week: Andrew.

Mine: Sean.

His girl’s name: Elizabeth.

Mine: Anne.

At least we’re in favor of old-fashioned, normal names. We just have to agree.
We’re both stubborn; neither wants to sacrifice either name.

He suggested Elizabeth Anne for the girl’s name. I said why not Anne Elizabeth.

One of us has to comprise.

Well, we have about two months to try.

Let’s hope this baby does not decide to come early.

6 months, three weeks, and three days – babytime

The due is approaching. _Very_ slowly. My ankles are swelling and the
Washington, DC July heat is not letting up. At least I’m delivering in September, when
it’s cooler.

Yet, with our weather pattern, who knows?

I had a meeting with Kersh today. His reasons weren’t specified; something about
my maternity leave. Mulder bid me a small "have fun" without looking up from his
computer screen. He is becoming something of a computer junkie lately. Just as I was
leaving, he looked up.

"I’ll go pick up lunch," he promised. I nodded in agreement and went to wait for
my appointment.

It was after sitting outside of Kersh’s office for 48 minutes (I was counting) that I
was beginning to get a bit annoyed. My stomach was rumbling, and I could feel the baby having a kicking frenzy inside of my stomach. No more 11 a.m. meetings.

I glanced up at Kersh’s secretary for about the millionth time, ready to tear her
apart of she said "I’m sure it will be any minute" another time.

I was jolted out of my secretary attacking thoughts by the ring my cell phone.

Geez, Mulder, what’s so hard about picking up lunch? You’ve done it before.

I found my phone and answered it, "What, Mulder?" instead of my usual "Scully."

"Is this Dana Scully?"

That definitely wasn’t Mulder. Suddenly I got a bad feeling in the pit of my
stomach. The baby’s kicking stopped; perhaps it sensed something too. I had read
something about how babies can channel into your emotions.

"Yes, who’s calling?" Please tell me that you’re asking me to renew my
subscription to "The New York Times."

"My name is Tina Parks, and I’m a nurse at Washington General-"

Oh, God, don’t say it.

"—and we have a Fox Mulder here. According to the information we found on
him, you’re his next-of-kin. Is that correct?"

That bad feeling is the pit of my stomach made it’s way to my throat. "Yes,
what’s happened?" Calm, I have to remain calm. I always remain calm.

"Mr. Mulder has been is car accident and-"

"How bad?" The words were out of my mouth before I could even think; before I
could even breathe. Just let him be okay. I heard the woman pause, something I knew
was a bad sign.

"I won’t lie to you, Ms. Scully. I think you should get down here right away. He
was sideswiped, well actually according to the police-" She paused again, I knew she was considering whether or not to share information with me that the police should tell me themselves. I heard my own breathing hitch. This was just happening.

"he was most likely-, most likely run off the road. I think you should get down
here as soon as possible."

I couldn’t speak. I heard the line disconnect, but I just sat there with the phone in
my hand, not moving, not doing much of anything. Finally I let the phone drop to my lap
with a gentle thud, my stomach taking its fall. I didn’t even notice.

Run. Off. The Road. The catch, this was the catch.

But why not me? I’m the one with the precious cargo. Unless they are going to
start one family member at a time.

I feel a pang in my stomach. This can’t be happening. This just can’t be

I can feel the gaze of Kersh’s secretary.

"Are you all right, Agent Scully?"

That question couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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