Other Stories

Still Here
Summary: After Scully calls in sick oneday, Mulder gets to thinking.

Still Here II
Summary: Scully's home sick and gets to thinking.

Gift Shopping
Summary: Mulder goes shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for Scully.

Hope Is Belief
Summary: A pen and a couple of hours in a janitor's closet teach Mulder and
Scully something about themselves.

The Meeting Place
Summary: Mulder grows bored one night and finds some company in a chat room.

The Meeting Place, Continued
Summary: Picks up where "The Meeting Place" left off.

When Tomorrow Come a Day Early
Summary: XF/Early Edition Crossover. A case brings Mulder and Scully to Chicago.

Just Another Day
Summary: A Mulder hospital stay from a third person point of view.

Summary: A new year unlike any other.

Christmas Eve & Airports
Summary: A snowy Christmas Eve in an airport.

Christmas & Mrs. Scully's House
After spending Christmas Eve in an airport, Scully and a sick Mulder
spend Christmas at Mrs. Scully’s. What follows? Well, read and find out. Sequel to
"Christmas Eve & Airports."

Hope In a December Morning
Summary: A December day in the future.

Getting Used To
Requeim spoilers. Some Scully thoughts on her new situation.

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